Di•gi•graph (‘diji-graf)1. a personalized and digitally autographed photo2. delivered to any digital device3. instantly connects fans to their favorite celebrities, athletes, musicians and public figures4. a measurable, quantifiable way for brands to activate, engage, delight and reward fans5. social sharing icons lead to thousands of viral impressions.
What is Digigraph? Digigraph connects fans to their favorite personalities and Brands. Digigraph is patented technology that represents the most effective fan reward & data acquisition application in the marketplace, effectively "cracking the code" on what motivates Consumers to engage from ANY digital channel. Digigraph rewards fans INSTANTLY with the perfect value to move them: Personalized, autographed digital photos, conveying an invaluable sense of connection to their favorite "personalities." Brands & Celebs can now reach, engage & delight Consumers wherever they are, from virtually ALL media: at-event, on-screen, on-air, in-game, in-print, on-pack and online.
How Digigraph Works. Digigraph expands the reach of Brands and celebrities on screen, on air, at events, online, in print or on-pack. Digigraph CONNECTS fans instantly to their favorite celebrities, with a personalized autographed image sent to any digital display device. Digigraph CONNECTS fan passion into a personalized 1 to 1 exchange, from virtually any entertainment or marketing channel: Sports, Music, TV, Film, Advertising, Packaging, etc. Digigraph CONNECTS key Consumer data for sponsoring organizations, with the express permission to use that data for future marketing purposes. Further engage those fans with specialized offers, exclusive discounts, digital "goodies," first looks, VIP invitations, applications, coupons and other offers & continued digital branding.

Barry Berkowitz, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Barry has been gathering intelligence from audiences and driving them to action since the early days of the web. Originally an attorney in New York, Barry helped build online research firm lAG Nielson to profitability; dramatically increased the scope of services and ‘A-list” client roster for interactive promotions powerhouse, ePrize; and helped LA-based IPG Advertising Agency, Dailey, develop award winning mobile and socially integrated ad campaigns for top clients.

Tom Smart,Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer. Tom is a proven sales and marketing entrepreneur leader within the new media space for Sports, Entertainment & Fortune 100 brands. Over the last 25+ years, he has built and operated a post-production facility, CD/DVD manufacturing plant, recording mastering studio and an Interactive Marketing company. He has also acted as VP Managing Director at ePrize & led the national sales team for a digital marketing agency, which specialized in social media & social analytics.

Barry Berkowitz

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


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Tom Smart

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


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Jeremy Walker

Chief Technology Officer


Brian Quail

Sr. Solutions Architect